About Us

Middle-earth Games run turn-based, strategy games set in the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, including elements from ICE’s Middle-earth Role Playing under licence from GSIL.

Play as either the Free Peoples or the Dark Servants, and work together with your team-mates to take control of the lands of Middle-earth.

Earn your victory through a combination of martial strength, magical prowess, and economic power.


Meet the Staff

Clint Oldridge

Clint is a director of ME Games, and is responsible for the day-to-day running of our games.

A keen board gamer , if you have any suggestions he’d love to hear from you.



Dave Spring

Dave is our programmer.

He is responsible for keeping everything running as it should, and improving our gaming software.



Edward Lane

Ed is a backup everything. A backup game moderator if Clint isn’t available, and a backup programmer if Dave isn’t available. He also hunts bugs in our software.

Ed struggles to think inside the box. He thinks the box probably does exist but is so full of games that there is no room for much else, except perhaps cake.


John Davis

John is our  content developer and web editor.

He feels a little strange writing about himself in the third person like this.



Our History in Brief

In 1999 we were offered the licence to run Middle-earth Strategic Gaming (then known as Middle-earth PBM) in the UK and English-speaking Europe, on behalf of GSI, who own the rights to the game. We accepted, an Middle-earth PBM Games was born.

From these beginnings we quickly grew, to the extent that in 2001, we were offered the licence to run the games in the US, taking over the US company who had owned the licence previously, Deft Gaming Enterprises.

By merging these licences we were able to offer more games, and to run them more efficiently, so that by 2002 we were in a position to purchase the licence to run games in Australia, again taking over the company who had owned the licence there previously, PBM Enterprises.

Shortly after this, the company had grown to the extent that we became a limited company, called ME Games Ltd.

Today, we run games of Middle-earth Strategic Gaming across the English-speaking world, for a flourishing community of players. Our company, and the game we run, have won a number of awards, and we’re looking forwards to a very bright future for gaming in Middle-earth.

Middle-earth Games is an Origins Award Hall of Fame member.





ME Games is a trading name of Game Systems International.