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The following is a list of known riddles.
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Ever so sharp
but not so long
it's cut of a jewel
made it's way into song

Answer: (Bobbins) Angrist

A song set in stone
It sat in glory all alone
Staunch in its fight against the dark
Until foul betrayal extinguished it's great spark.

Answer: (Bobbins) Gondolin

On high he was among the Noldor
He alone was wedded once and once more
Slain he was like many of his line
By darkest evil in search of beauty fine.

Answer: (Bobbins) Finwe

In tale his deed was of a heroic meter
Told to left the hearts of young
In deed the tale becomes even sweeter
and of his shot more and more were sung.

Answer: (Bobbins) Bard

A poem it is of ghostly haunts
of hero seeking solace but finding only taunts
Written they say by one of those a bearer
A dream misspeled and holding only terror.

Answer: (Bobbins) Sea-Bell

From Brandy to the tower
twas granted by royal power

Answer: (Bobbins) The Shire

In the west it was said this way
And until it fall it alone held sway
In the days of power it came to a head
taken from the early men some said.

Answer: (Bobbins) Believed to be "Adunaic". "Numenor" was tried and is wrong. Some think "Numenorian" may work.

Large from the first, they were bred that way
to move and think and bit slower than most
their power and strength held most at bay
and they were the brunt on the Dark Lords host.

Answer: (Bobbins) Trolls (unconfirmed)

As red he was known
but it was as guardian that the tells were sown
And so the guardian did slay the hunters both man andbeast
Yet the good did devour
Til death brought it's own surcease

Answer: (Bobbins) Carchoroth or Red Maw

It is in the most ancient form
and tells of those three houses
They who fought the Dark til ne'er lost
who risked all with their brothers no matter the cost
A heroic voyage enable them to survive the dire test
and in return they were given the west.
Possible answers: Akallabeth (probably this one), Tale of the chilren of Hurin (Narn I Hin Hurin), Release from Bondage (Lay of Leithan)

Tenth by the first
Tenth by the second
Third by the Third
Yet always thirty by all that reckon

Answer: (Bobbins) Narquelie – (the tenth month in the King's and Steward's Reckonings) or Elrond.

Carved upon the deathless door
His name was carved by elven hand
In the city below and books of lore
his artistry would be remembered throughout the land

Answer: (Bobbins) Narvi or Celebrimbor. It's your guess, Celebrimbor was the elf and was known as the greatest "craftsman" throughout the land. He also worked on the door with Narvi. Narvi made the door and is a Dwarf. The question is...whose name is on the door, the elf or dwarf.
Tom's note: It's been ten years or more since I read the trilogy, but doesn' the door say something like "I, Narvi, carved these runes..."?

Of them they were one of three
Larger and heavier than either of the two.
a great hairy move was made in the third but many didn't agree
And back some went and were gladdened by the dew.

Answer: (Bobbins) Stoors

A true friend and implacable enemy was he
Risk-taker, counselor, schemer
Twice into the bowels of the dark he did go
And by none of the elemental test was he truly laid low

Answer: (Bobbins) Gandalf

The first found them where the light of sun could not find them
they howl and snarl and shun the light
but as mounts and fighters they aid the dark fight

Answer: (Bobbins) Wargs

Last of the old is she
A force that even the Dark Lord fears
A place of shadows is her home
And our screams are the last sound anyone hears.

Answer: (Bobbins) Shelob

Of the ancient, the most
Of the tales, the very first
Set down by a Noldorian host
In the Following a theme well versed.

Answer: (Bobbins) Ainulindale

It's air is sultry, dark and sweet
and it's wake death and despair do meet
for it brings surcease and terror all in one
but by fragrant plant it is undone.

Answer: (Bobbins) Black Breath

Made by the darker dark in ages gone by
Quendi sired the tales did cry
In the dark out of the light of day,
They used numbers to keep the light at bay.

Answer: (Bobbins) Orcs

A lesser of the west,
Yet south of the southern wall
Flowing south then east at it's own behest
To a long joining it does crawl.

Answer: (Bobbins) River Ginglith

It points south from the inner side of high ground
With it's own high heights and lower than low places.
It is known from afar that by greater magics it is bound
and that it awaited the return of it's lord's dire graces.

Answer: (Bobbins) Thought to be "Barad-dur"

A numenorean was his to bear
A city once known as Lond Ernil fell to his care.
Having victory there he brought battle to field a gate
And in victory again did he give his daughter to mate.

Answer: (Bobbins) Imrahil

Of the Dwarven line of D
Yet related was he to the G's
Fought for life and honor for the T's
Yet lost his life to a watery tragedy.

Answer: (Bobbins) Oin

A windy place they say,
Atop the southernmost and tallest of the high
a place where an eye of seeing did lay,
First sought, then deserted as the years went by.

Answer: (Bobbins) Thought to be "Amon Sul"

Out of dark mirkwood he was said to come
Selected nevertheless tho not as mighty as some.
A good fellow was he, a lover of tree,
who waited til thirds end to sail o'er sea.

Answer: (Bobbins) Legolas

The mouth spews forth- some say for leagues forty
And from it's gate it is said the faithful did sorty

Answer: (Bobbins) Bay of Romenna

In Dark secrecy they were made
By secret blend
Strength and fear were the cornerstones laid
When they came about near Third Age end.

Answer: (Bobbins) Uruk-Hai

An emblem of white's clear call
Heraldry handed down to be emblazoned on shield,
helmet and all.

Answer: (Bobbins) White Hand

From the outer dark into the world was she called
Terror, pollution, and great evil was what she bred.
Sipping the sap to all our great peril
She helped to cause the light to go dead.
Fighting even the Black Enemy with some success
'Til she was forced to some dark recess
And even now may not be dead.

Answer: (Bobbins) Ungoliant.

A Noldor of the first
A fate uncertain had this elf lord
One son tortured by blade and thirst
One confined in pit by evil horde

Answer: (Bobbins) Guilin

Fire from fire, in the 16th of the 2nd,
set with one, to all it did beckon,
yet from shipwreck to grey, grey it went,
but rarely its power spent.

Answer: (Bobbins) Narya

Evil marker
loyal to elven family
in high reaches they sing

Answer: (Bobbins) Thorondir

This thing all things devours,
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stone to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats high mountain down.

Answer: (Bobbins) Time (Bilbo - "Give me time")

Known by another name at first
Then renamed by he of the third and the first
Its accidents spoke of its black thirst
But too late was its nature seen to be accursed

Answer: (Bobbins) Gurthang

To some it is fate
To others the symbol of hate

Answer: (Bobbins) Possibly "Lidless eye" or "One Ring" "death" "Sauron", not Doom, Eye, or Gurthang

Encounter at 2307 in 2 different UW games by Fire King Agent character, tried the following words: "Death", "One ring", "Sauron", Lidless eye" and "Gift of men" - all failed. (Stephen Corcoran)

King was he, tho slain by dragon ire,
But a man is known by what he does,
And a hero of vengeance he did sire."

Answer: (Bobbins) Girion?

Hunters they were
Not farmers or artisans they say
Wary they were, And then where driven away
Into the woods they ran
Far from human eye
Till only the coming of the dark
Made them less shy

Answer: (Bobbins) Woses (Unconfirmed)

The war of the third
which brought about the end of the rule.
A war most civil where fleets were the tool
and the deaths of kings were frequently heard.

Answer: (Bobbins) Kin-Strife

Glowing with blood both morn and night
cruelty high within its sight.
Its gate, its pass had reputation dire
so was the lore of this dreaded spire.

Answer: (Bobbins) (Scott Nolan) Caradhras

Fools fear.
Deaf men hear.
Miser's offering.
Desired by Sauron more than the Ring.

Answer: (Bobbins) nothing

A man it was that gave dwelling places to these,
those who comprised the same of different names,
A name given in Eldar lore for those who did not repose
In a land blessed by those who came.

Answer: (Bobbins) Calaquendi (the trick is that A man = Aman)

Great and noble was he.
Wolf slayer was he.
Free to leave the Evil and join the good
to slay the great evil yet slain be.

Answer: (Bobbins) Huan

Destiny & Pride reared their noble heads
to stop the taint from so many beds
and so it came to ravage and it tore
the lives of so many in the war
and after it ravaged and after it slew
men came to realize what they knew
and the name was not war or somesuch
but a name that itself told so much

Answer: (Bobbins) Kin-Strife

The last High one of the second of the three
the first bearer of one of the three
He fought the dark and besieged his seat
but was undone by the searing heat

Answer: (Bobbins) Gil-Galad

Water made from rare and set with white
was kept in the second from everyone's sight
Soon will it's power be shown as real
when it is set to make the land heal

Answer: (Bobbins) Nenya

Alive without breath
as cold as death,
never thirsty, ever drinking,
all in mail, never clinking

Answer: (Bobbins) Fish

The secret shadow
The messenger of the dark
a woman of the night
a bird with a bite.

Answer: (Bobbins) Thuringwethil

Before the inland sea that now is there
There stood a place high in the air
and atop this northernly spire
the smithy's work vent forth its fire

Answer: (Bobbins) Illuin

On both sides of a celebrant
With tall warders from ages old
It leaves the wonder of silver and gold
To those who would be so foolish and bold.

Answer: (Bobbins) Lothlorien

d r o u k n n a l t a o h n i

Answer: (Bobbins) unknown

To many it was simply fate,
and to others it was a symbol of hate.

Answer: (Bobbins) unknown

A gentle being made mad by ancient power
From the sun did he cravenly cower.
A miserable life of full of fearful loss
An extended life, but at what cost?
Following them, ever did follow he
Til he found a peaceful end to his long misery.

Answer: (Bobbins) Gollum

Deathless in name
with a crown of stars
he sat upon his own throne
Even though he was not the same.

Answer: (Bobbins) Durin

Developed to be a bearer of sound.
It yet won acceptance for centuries around.
From Elf to Man and even to Dwarven kind.
It kept all together and in knowledge did bind.

Answer: (Bobbins) Ainulindale (The Music of the Ainur (gods) which contains the story of creation and acts as a blueprint or kind of DNA code of Iluvatar's plan for the world).Or alternatively Tengar?

From the south they were,
to war they went mostly with Gondor

Answer: (Bobbins) unknown

Home to both sea and land,
it could be seen by one on the holy height,
built for those who left and came home again,
it was known from afar by the great white sight.

Answer: (Bobbins) Avallone

Abhorred, cruel, and Captain he was known
The seeds of his life from good to evil were sown.
Seated in power in a land of depeest black
he was destroyed ere again and ere again did he come back.

Answer: (Bobbins) Sauron

It is said that from a dying golden tree
This was the last of its fruit,
Set to be seen higher and higher,
Strong and beautiful was the heart of fire.

Answer: (Bobbins) The Sun

They were of a type called by a high-elven name
A breed apart but always the same
For none could withstand their fiery awe
And they were oft the last any saw.

Answer: (Bobbins) Uruloki (Fire Dragon)

One Ring to Rule Them All
One Ring to Find Them
One Ring to Bring Them All
And in the Darkness Bind Them

Answer: (Bobbins) One Ring

A box without hinges,key or lid,
Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

Answer: (Bobbins) Egg or Chestnut

The greatest of the first
Though not the largest in war
Bound to earth but travelled afar
Fought by dwaves he killed the King
Finally laid low by one sword's black sting.

Answer: (Bobbins) Glaurung

Remarkable wonders that gleamed so bright
yet kept for themselves out of everyones sight,
used for storage for fortresses around
not till the fourth would the beauty be found.

Answer: (Bobbins) Aglarond

A prince was he
Last of the line of the third
Untamable was he claimed to be
Until the grey word bade him for battle gird.

Answer: (Bobbins) Shadowfax (Gandolf's Horse)

Hard and fierce these warriors be,
Though they number less than a score.
Cold steel doth seek to cut them down,
Yet these heroes do return for more.
Let both good and evil beware this band,
For they can always be found at hand.

Answer: (Bobbins) Fingers?

The greatest of the wing
flew far above them all
till in the battle of which they sing
he lost in the great fall.

Answer: (Bobbins) Ancalagon

A man he was, an advisor clever and mean
And as a man of wisdom to most he was seen.
Guided by his master he yet guided astray
Til he would have brought all to ruin save for the grey.

Answer : Grima Wormtongue

A man it was that gave dwelling places to these,
those who comprised the same of different names,
A name given in Eldar lore for those who did not repose
In a land blessed by those who came.

Answer: (Bobbins) unknown. Possibly the elvish name of the hobbits

A marker they were meant to be.
erected not by one nor three.
Visages two with helm and axe
they guarded the flow through the cracks.

Answer: (Bobbins) Argonath

A person of learning he was,
a scholar they say
Full of generosity and courage, come what may
He wrote of his epic though an untruth did sting
Every time he spoke of that time and it’s cursed ring.

Answer: (Bobbins) Bilbo

A scene of evil carnage and fury
a battle by name
the fourth of Beleriand
the world sighs
and from the name "Anfauglith" came

Answer: (Bobbins) Sudden Flame

A windy place they say,
Atop the southernmost and tallest of the high
a place where an eye of seeing did lay,
First sought, then deserted as the years went by.

Answer: (Bobbins) Thought to be "Amon Sul"

Above a gate
above a wall
one of the greatest to guard them all

Answer: (Bobbins) Barad Dur? Not Caradhras, White Tower, Tarondor, Thorondor, Melian, Minas Tirith, Minas Ithil, Orthanc, Angrenost, Saruman, Watchers or Silent Watchers.

Air of Gold
made by smith in ages past
given to Elf
before the last of the last

Answer: (Bobbins) Vilya

An unpleasant tongue
devised by the second for all
and found in the inner whirl of one

Answer: (Bobbins) Black Speech Thanks to Stephan for confirmation)

As leader of the White Council
Power is not something which should be sought
But he sought such for himself
Til he dared to test they Eye
And thus was caught forever.

Answer: (Bobbins) Saruman

At first it was the second and more to the west
Home to the lieutenant who survived the sack
then it was made far superior to all the rest.
From here the great miseries spread
While the Black Enemy sat in his pit of dread
til all was lost to the great sea bed.

Answer: (Bobbins) Angband

A name is what I want to hear,
so say it out loud and clear.

Answer: (Bobbins) Morwen

Beauty and renown it was the best,
and it was built to withstand the fortold test
for peace and splendor it held for many an age,
til, in one great swoop, it fell to pillage.

Answer: (Bobbins) Gondolin

Before the extinguishing of the light
before the coming of the Darkest Dark
it arose as mighty sight
til the flood did render it stark.

Answer: (Bobbins) I think that the riddle talks about Numenor, and possibly the answer could be Atalante or Akallabeth, because this is the name of Numenor after the downfall. Another possibility is Meneltarma because it’s the great mountain of Numenor. After the downfall everyone thought that Meneltarma' peak could be above sea level, but nobody found it.
Update: not Almaren, Numenor, Hyarmentir, Ezehollar, Two Pillars, Utumno, Numenor, Meneltarma, Tol Eressea, Avallone, Taniquetil
Not: Tolfalas (DaveHolt)
Further Update: Scott Nolan thinks it might be Thangorodrim. This doesn't seem likely to be Numenor-related, since is says "Before the Extinguishing of the Light". Sure, that could refer to the light of Numenorean civilization, but it more likely refers to the extinguishing of the light of the two trees, before the start of the First Age. And the "Darkest Dark" is probably Ungoliant's "unlight". Therefore, this must be a mighty sight which arose before the rising of the moon, and which was destroyed in one of the two floods Tolkien describes: that which sank Numenor, or that which sank Beleriand.

Before the river and the trees
with memory of the first raindrop
and the first scent.
Pathmaker of the first paths
here before the seas were bent.

Answer: (Bobbins) Tom Bombadil

Between Isen & the white, hunters by trade,
Not growers or crafters,
Friends to the Rohirrim, named freemen
of the forest everafter.

Answer: (Bobbins) (Brad Brunet) Woses

Beyond the Merlock Mountains,
a long and lonely road.
Through the spider-shadows and the
Marsh of Tode...
to the noisome pools where they dwell.

Answer: (Bobbins) Mewlips

Black as night
in the hand of light
it took many a life
and carried its own strife

Answer: (Bobbins) Gurthang

Black wolf’s head
body of steel
long ram
gate crasher.

Answer: (Bobbins) Grond

Born of the second in the first
A lover of white
He slacked his hirst to sail beyond the shadow
with the help of the light

Answer: (Bobbins) Earendil

Bred by Evil to slay
what could be slain in no other way.
Bred to guard that which went astray
and within the great bowels lay.
Slayer and slain all at one time
his death brought all the light to shine.

Answer: (Bobbins) Carcharoth

By rock wall it was rung
with mile wide vale.
Towering above all where the seeing were hung
Till lost to the Dunland was its tale.

Answer: (Bobbins) (Ernie Hakey) Isengard

Deadly beasts of Haradrim war,
Their presence drove other beasts wild
Raging through a battle ground more and more
Known as Oliphaunts by and hobbit child.

Answer: (Bobbins) Mumakil

Devised in the second but died out there as well
revived in the third the history does tell
Used by those who stood in highest stead
Their words alone brought the direst dread

Answer: (Bobbins) Oathbreakers
(JordiChalmeta) Oathbreakers did not work.

Drawn to a stranger, a girdle-breaker,
was a greycloak born in the years of trees
defied the powers while still standing tall,
yet entrapped by the sweetest power of all

Answer: (Bobbins) Luthien

From the south they were
Both near and far.
And to war they went
Mostly with Gondor.

Answer: (Bobbins) Haradrim (unconfirmed)

Great and noble was he, Wolf slayer was he
Free to leave the evil and join the good
to slay the great evil yet slain be

Answer: (Bobbins) Huan

Her bark is silent and not heard at all,
and bothers not those that live so tall

Answer: (Bobbins) Mallorn

High king he was to those in exile,
at least he was for a while.
A rescuer of kin-an epic feat,
was slain in combat by a Balrog’s heat.

Answer: (Bobbins) Fingon (Silmarillion)

Hobbit Murderer

Answer: (Bobbins) Not Grima Wormtongue, possibly Golum/Gollum?
Another alternative is Gollum's original name... He and his brother were swimming, his brother found the Ring, he murdered his brother in order to get the Ring and over time transformed into the pitiful creature that was known as Gollum in the latter days... Anyways, he was a Hobbit, and he was a Murderer...

Home to both sea and land,
it could be seen by one on the holy height
built for those who left and came home again,
it was known from afar by the great white sight.

Answer: (Bobbins) Avalonne (This riddle is listed twice and this answer is not correct - search instead for Avallone on this page - Doug B.)

Honored by his Elven name
a male named for him just the same
His honor wained as time went by
till his surrender to the lidless eye.

Answer: (Bobbins) (Joel Mason) Curunir

Huntsmen, rider, bearer; One of seven,
King bearer, tree, leather.

Answer: (Bobbins) Orome - this answer is correct, but it killed a DS emissary anyway. Doug B

In aura of blue light
it warned of nearing fight.

Answer: (Bobbins) Sting (but as of yet uncomfirmed)

In battle so grim a knight he was not.
It survived in the fields the grim onslaught
Bearer of doubt which was broken
Talebringer bearing the token

Answer: (Bobbins) Ohtar

In Elvish, the one comprised three
The first created, then marred
was to be fixed by the second to be
while the third, far from the worst
dealt with those who were not the first.

Answer: (Bobbins) Ainulindale

In Gondor it is said that it is free
a wild sort for anyone to find.
It can be found in both Shire and Bree
and some use it’s strength to unwind.

Answer: (Bobbins) Pipe-weed

In tale his deed was of the heroic meter
Told to lift the hearts of the young.
In deed the tale becomes even sweeter
And of his shot more and more songs are sung.

Answer: (Bobbins) Bard the Bowman

In the beginning was light brought
by that seen as silver and gold
flourishing til evil wrought its way
and now there is only silver by night and gold by day

Answer: (Bobbins) Two Trees

In the first was a race terrible to see
forged for war from older stock they be.
It’s Quenya for those out of the cold
fought best by Dwarves oh so bold.

Answer: (Bobbins) Uroloki

In the second before the third
lay the greatest apart from undead
out of sight from where some stand, out of reach as well.
But sacrilege has its reward
and its death is a great story to tell.

Answer: (Bobbins) Numenor

In this rent was found the fire that forged the band
that made it habit to slip off the hand.

Answer: (Bobbins) Sammath Naur

It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
It lies behind stars and under hills
and empty holes it fills.
It comes first and follows after,
ends life, kills laughter.

Answer: (Bobbins) Dark (From "The Hobbit")

It is of the most ancient form
And tells of those of the Three Houses.
They who fought the Dark til Ne’re lost
Who risked all with their brothers no matter the cost.
A heroic voyage enabled them to survive the dire test
and in return were gladly given the West.

Answer: (Bobbins) Narn i Hin Hurin or Akallabeth (probably this one)

Linked and yet linked again,
bound to be bound for binding
once to hold for great ages three,
til one did find himself free.

Answer: (Bobbins) Angainor (The Silmarillion)

Lord, brother, friend
and from his mountain he does tend
to the welfare of spouse and aire alike
and does protect all with his windy strike

Answer: (Bobbins) Manwe

Lore master and singer of old
he betrayed his kin
Wanderer hither and thither afar
nothing could his vision of beauty mar,
for the songs lived on in his mind you see
and he never forgot his love of Elven beauty.

Answer: (Bobbins) Daeron

Lore, skill, but light on reason
he toiled where others knew not to tread
Following folly he followed
until beneath the stars he was dead

Answer: (Bobbins) Feanor

Melkor Forevermore.

Answer: (Bobbins) Morgoth (a character can be killed in this riddle even if he gives the correct answer).

Mightiest of the mighty,
Master of disharmony.
A name ancient in time and fit,
Not tainted by elvish rhyme and wit.

Answer: (Bobbins) Melkor. However, this is another riddle that kills Free People, even if you give the correct answer.

North of the Black Gate it lay
Where Elves and Men won the day
In an age gone by it stank of death
‘Til marshland gave it fetid breath

Answer: (Bobbins) Dagorland

Of a father slain was he,
Orc Slayer, Ring freer
Drawn to a nightingale by love’s found
Slain in loves arms by wolfhound

Answer: (Bobbins) Beren

On the east of the easternmost Middle,
near the wood at the foot of the Red
awakening those in the past,
lost to all it now said

Answer: (Bobbins) Cuivienen

One apart was I known
Of my deeds tales were sown
In olden days I often asked why
But with sting and ring it became do or die.

Answer: (Bobbins) Possibly Bilbo or Frodo

Bilbo was correct. -Rich Thomas

One of the great power,
a veritable demon of fire
who unders the stars slew elven sire
when the tears had no numbers he slayed the king
and was himself slain by elven sting.

Answer: (Bobbins) Gothmog

Over not land is his power to be
and in dreams does he cause his people to see
a counselor who always did favor two
it was all he could do to carry the memories through.

Answer: (Bobbins) Ulmo

Round its tower was kept a watch
by those with eyes so keen.
But its deep darkness was not such
as to keep elven lights unseen

Answer: (Bobbins) Shadowmere

Second son, king, and high king as well.
To him the labor of a secret kingdom fell

Answer: (Bobbins) (Jeff Wygal) Turgon

Slayer of the joint Eleven King.
In dark bardoc poems his deeds they did sing.
Slayer again of the noblest elf,
til slain by elf himself.

Answer: (Bobbins) Gothmog

That which was for the head
to hold the lights
was that which was for the neck
to hold the life

Answer: (Bobbins) The Iron Crown

The eldest of all,
The master of wood, water, and hill.
He always heard nature’s call,
And was know as________.

Answer: (Bobbins) Tom Bombadil

The first of the Black enemy in the Elder days
far beneath the crust of man
tunnels and pits filled with great heat
filled with the power as the black enemy’s seat

Answer: (Bobbins) Utumno

The Great Deceiver
First of the Captains of Angband

Answer: (Bobbins) Sauron

The hero of the longest poem of Men
a warrior great in power.
He brought misery to love again
and in his despair life did sour.

Answer: (Bobbins) Turin

The hero of the third,
his deeds are often heard.
Of his trial many do sing,
except in the households that surround his offspring.

Answer: (Bobbins) Sam Gamgee, or Samwise, or some variation on his name. Could be Frodo Baggins, though, considering the line about offspring (he hadn't any...).

The mouth spews forth- some say for leagues forty
And from it’sgate it is said the faithful did sorty

Answer: (Bobbins) Bay of Remenna
There stood in the sheer wall of rock
and in the wall it gaped
like the mouth of night

Answer: (Bobbins) Dark Door

The house of the ancient light,
Overwhelming in parts three
Their theft cast over all a twilight,
Till they came to earth, sky and sea.

Answer: (Bobbins) The Silmarils

They say it was part of a man,
and that it was for those who went by sea.
Where once radiance, then it did wan
Leaving unending evening for all to see

Answer: (Bobbins) Not Moon or Silmarils (JordiChalmeta) Not "The Calcirya" or "Pass of Light"
The answer could be the Mindon, which was a lighthouse on Tol Eressea, which is part of Aman.
Update by Scott Nolan: It seems to me that the answer must be The Calcirya, or Pass of Light, through which the light of the Two Trees flowed to Tol Eressea, the island of the Teleri, or sea elves. The Calacirya would have faded into darkness when the Trees were poisoned by Ungoliant. And it's not part of "a man" so much as part of "Aman".

They say that this was protected by a fence
and that two only passed and went hence.
But soon elf and dwarven passion would come into play
and as it fell, elf fought elf to die that day.

Answer: (Bobbins) That MUST be the first age elven place that was protected by a magical spell by its queen (wasn't melian her name ??) I know beren was one to break thru. Not sure who was the other, as i'm not sure if you would count the wolf as it didn't make it out. The elves and dwarves fought over payment for the similarion being placed in a dwarven chain. Elf fought elf ?? No idea. I REALLY must get my books back, as I forgot the name of the place. But i'm 100% sure its the First age elven place. Other people with better memories than me can give you the name.
I would guess Beleriand, it was a protected place until lust of the Silmarils caused elf and dwarf armies to sack the place.
No, Beleriand was the whole region of NW Middle Earth that was ultimately cast into the sea when the Valar decided to bust up Morgoth's racket for good. The protected place was the hidden forest of Doriath, guarded by the Girdle of Melian (which was not a foundation garment.)
Answer: (DaveHolt) Doriath confirmed 4th Age

Thirty White horses on a red hill,
first they champ then they stamp, then stey stand still

Answer: (Bobbins)Teeth

This secret was while fishing made
A discovery for which many would have paid
Fortunate to have a friend around
but unfortunate so as to death be bound

Answer: (Bobbins) I tried "One Ring" and, not surprisingly, crapped out. I’ll take a shot with "Deagol"next turn, thanks for the suggestion...Precious?

Those of the second brought it here,
to places where western Men have been
but where it can be found by most any kin,
it is for known only for its air.

Answer: (Bobbins) Athelas (The Lord of the Rings)

Three Dragons by name are known:
The first yclept Glaurung,
Another was Smaug,
Who was I?

Answer: (Bobbins) Possibly Ancalagon, There are four named dragons! (Glaurung, Ancalagon, Scatha, Smaug.)

Voiceless it cries
wingless flutters,
toothless bites
mouthless mutters.

Answer: (Bobbins) The Wind

West of one and south of another
It was itself divided into two
Home to the First and even before
It was mostly lost the the Great War

Answer: (Bobbins) Beleriand

When the elder race,
Did festival embrace
Garden flowers in both sun and shade,
Gave their all for this to be made

Answer: (Bobbins) Miruvor

They say it was protected by a fence
and that two only passed and went hence.
But soon elf and dwarven passion would come into play
and as it fell, elf fought elf to die that day.

Answer: (Bobbins) Doriath

Wise they were or were said to be
Yet governed by a hand turned to treachery.
Waiting too long - too late to attack
They were too slow to see the evil pact.

Answer: (Bobbins) White Council.

A futile attempt to resettle a dread land,
Following Balin, he was the first to fall to a Ravening orc band.

Answer: (Bobbins) Floi.

Far to the East of a land long gone,
Lay that from which nine did sail,
It was the day of Downfall, the trace of Dawn,
And here did they tread last on that from which they did hail.

Answer: Romenna confirmed FA

Huntsman, Rider, Bearer,
One of Seven,
King bearer, tree lover.

Answer: (Bobbins) (Michael Peters) Orome this answer is correct but killed a DS emissary anyway.

One of not many
But more than a few
Crystal with a heart of flame
And a magically wonderful view.

Answer: (Bobbins) Palantir (probably)

FA Riddle:
It was an age of deed and tale
of little joy and much travail.
Long was it before the eye did close and we saw the sun.
How many was it now that it's done.

Answer: (DaveHolt) 3021

FA Riddle:
Before the red flame flew from the north
one king did order what men to sally forth.
Down he went to the unstoppable flame
and twas only a descendant who erased the blame.

Answer: (DaveHolt) Girion

FA Riddle:
A Dwarven kingdom was there it is said
A place of great wealth and great dread.
Of the people there now are none
And the keep of the place has been by the golden won.

Answer: (DaveHolt) Erebor

FA Riddle:
Its making was known to only one
Harder than anything when it was done.
Gifted to hold and snare the light
the three made of it were a wondrous sight.

Answer: (DaveHolt) Silima

FA Riddle:
Named in Numenorean form
he led seven hundred into the besieging storm.
A mighty warrior on field and before gate,
Prince he, his daughter king-wed by fate.

Answer: (Rich Thomas) Imrahil

FA Riddle:
Fleet was he when he did fly
down the road under the sky.
Friend was he to both dwarf and elf
used when speed and courage demanded more of self.

Answer: (JordiChalmeta) Not Shadowfax

FA Riddle:
Greedy and cruel with dwarven hoard,
which in turn caused death by the sword.
One of the greats in the grey of the Third,
not much more of him has ever been heard.

Answer: (JordiChalmeta) Scatha

FA Riddle:
Rebel maiden most royal
Kin bereft by war, in repentance did she toil.
An enemy most bitter to the one Dark Lord.
From whom did we get this radiant sword?

Answer: (JordiChalmeta) Not Theoden

FA Riddle:
The king listened to what he did say
and promised a Rohan woman to him as pay.
But found to be serving good gone bad
he lost his life to hobbits in tale so sad.

Answer: (JordiChalmeta) Grima

FA Riddle:
At the end of the jewels there came a war
that swiftly did what could not be done before.
Its name spelled fear far and wide
and if it had come sooner, not so many would have died.

Answer: (harbqll) War of wrath

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