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Game 45
5/25 nations available

A Fourth Age game with improved setup options.

Up to two (aligned) nations per player, with a 10% discount on turn fees if you play two nations.

2 week turnaround.


Each race will have its own unique setup bonuses:



  • Hide up to 4 levels of population centres (e.g. 2 camps and a village, or a major town).
  • Gain a 20 mage item.
  • Gain 500 archers in your starting army.



  • Upgrade fortifications of three population centres by one level each.
  • Gain a 20 command item.
  • Gain 300 heavy infantry in your starting army.



  • Improve the loyalty of four population centres by 20 points each.
  • Gain an emissary item.
  • Gain 200 light cavalry in your starting army.



  • Hide one village or camp.
  • Upgrade fortifications of one population centre by one level.
  • Two population centres gain 10 loyalty each.
  • Gain a 10 agent item.
  • Gain 100 heavy cavalry in your starting army.



Other New Features:

  • King, Queen, Prince and Princess Royalty Characters have more points to spend on set-up, and get 3 characters orders.
  • Improved population centers in worse terrain, allowing better strategic set-ups.
  • SNAs are calculated for a fairer distribution, enabling improved nation set-ups.