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The following is a list of known riddles.
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Answer: Riddle Answer (your name, or anonymous)
There is a sense of power about the place. On one wall you see enscribed in runes and glyphs of power:
Skilled in trade their wine flowed free
From Western shore of Eastern sea
That even to elven lips was sweet.
Answer: Dorwinions
I am a window, I am a lamp.
I am clouded, I am shining.
I am colored but set in white.
I fill with water and overflow.
I say much, but I have no words
Answer: Eye
Of greed and ire, consumed by fire,
Through long down-fall was the saviour of all,
In triumph found death, but in death, peace?
Answer: Gollum
I am never quite what I appear to be.
Straight-forward I seem, but it's only skin deep,
For mystery most often lies beneath my simple speech.
Sharpen your wits, open your eyes,
Look beyond my exteriors,
Read me backwards, forwards, or even upside down;
Think well, and then answer the question.
Answer: Riddle

Only the Straight Road reaches here
Which lies eternal beyond this world’s sphere.
Answer: Aman (Baggors)

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