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Last updated: June 2012

Welcome to the Middle-earth PBM Hall of Fame!

This site pays tribute to those who have battled and won, the victors of Middle-earth. We have created a page for each game that has finished since April 2007, together with individual player pages listing all the games each player has won since that time. Please note that due to technical reasons, at the current time we are not able to include Kin-Strife Untold War games - we hope to rectify this at some point in the future..

We would also like to include game reports, both from both champions and those whose battle was ultimately unsucessful. So if you have won - or lost - a game that is listed here, and wish your deeds to be known, please submit your game reports to us for inclusion on this page. Click Here to email us.

And, finally, if you are emboldened by such tales of success, Click Here to start a game of Middle-earth PBM!

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