Game 250
7/8 positions available

A 3-nation game of our 2950 module. Play three, pay for two! One nation is free as long as you have three nations in play.   Featuring: One Champion Character […]

Game 930 (Gunboat)
10/12 positions available

A two-nation Gunboat game of the 1650 module. Also featuring: One Champion Character per nation. (Champion Characters can be issued up to three orders a turn.) A Northmen and a […]

Game 931
1/24 nations available

A game of our classic 1650 module, with pre-aligned neutrals to ensure a balanced game. Also featuring: Up to 2 nations per player One Champion Character per nation. (Champion Characters […]

Game 605 (Gunboat)
3/4 positions available

A 3 nation gunboat game of our Kin-strife module, with new nation comboes boosted setups. Loyalists: 2/3/22 and 4/5/6, vs. Usurpers 11/12/15 and 13/14/21. Your first nation gets 20% extra […]

Game 699
10/14 nations available

A game of our  Kin-strife module, with a 2 week turnaround. Whether the game has pre-aligned or unaligned starting neutrals will be decided nearer game start. Players can play either […]

Game 410
4/25 nations available

A standard game of our Fourth Age module, with North and South Kingdom, and neutral nations. Up to two nations per player.     About the Fourth Age 1000 Setting […]

Grudge Games
Teams Wanted

Do you have a group of friends who want to play on a team together? Then get in touch, and we’ll find you opposition. Or if you really want a […]